Polka Dots, Pink, and Flowers

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Somewhere over time society has deemed certain fashion themes for men to be faux pas. But, who is the judge?  I say exude your stylishly eclectic self. Polka Dots were originally worn mostly by court jesters.  There were a sign of whimsy and fun.  Rarely would a person of class or stature be seen in any array of polka dots.  But that was then and this is now.  Polka Dots are a now a welcome sacrifice to the side eyes of a mans manhood. The lack of fear in public opinion is appealing to me.  And if that same lack of fear is stylishly sporting polka dots, then appeal just graduated to stalker like obsession.


Some men cringe at the idea of another man sporting the eternally deemed feminine, pink. Pink is just as stereotyping as polka dots, in fact, I think it is worse.  A man in pink is coined. Dare I even share the overwhelming tingly sensations that plague me with joy when a man wears pink...ooooh em gee.  Pink is a no fear color for a man to wear.  He may as well have an "S" on his chest, because a man in pink says Superhero Sexy to me...and I like it. ALOT!!!!


There are definitely NO style inhibitions for the man who is daring enough to sport and rock out with flowers.  Times are changing and truly have made a garden like garment, glam!  Sleek and chic with a bit of savvy like swag is a man in full bloom.  I can only hope that he is as fragrant as he looks.
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I truly am an advocate of a mans style.  These style themes don't make the man but definitely enhance the flavor that he already possessed, making him more delicious than before.  Let me stop!  Polka Dots, Pink, and Flowers broke a barrier that society placed on men in the world of fashion.  The question is no longer, why is HE wearing that, but rather to the next man....why AREN'T you.

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