Go Naked!

by - 12:00 PM

Is nude the new black? Or had nude never left? I believe that nude is the most debated color, or non-color, in fashion. Color depicts mood, so if nude is suppose to be a reflection of "the buff", then how does it make you feel? Nude is the sweetest sense of harmony that I have ever experienced, quite frankly. For me it seems to make my perfume a little sexier, my heels a little taller, my accessories a little blingier.  Don't be mistaken. Nude is not just in clothing, but in cosmetics, accessories, and our all time favorite...SHOES!

Coordinated the correct way, a splash of nude in any boring old out fit can be transformed into VAVOOOOM! So, if you are ever unsure about what to wear, I speak from experience....GO NAKED!

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